Welcome to Ethical Wine Club

International wine club with a portfolio of natural and ethically made wines.

This is a joint partnership. First begun in Genova in 2017

Emiliano Aimi a natural wine specialist: restaurant consultant and importer.

Tim Robertson. Wine professional since 1988 with some Investment Banking.

This is not a job for us its a passion, its a life frankly neither of us could imagine living without.

Emi and Tim the owners of EWC have a deep knowledge and trusted contacts in wine.

With over 30 years of high end wine and hospitality under our belts you have experts at your service.

We know great wines and we can gain immediate insight into which wines our clients will enjoy.

Ethical Wine Club curates cases of wines specifically to your tastes and budget and grapes of interest.

Quality not quantity

At EWC we believe that ‘quality’ in wine is now not enough for wine lovers; they have moved away from Industrial produced wines.

Many of these Producers make less than 30,000 Bottles per year so we are very privileged in some ways to have access to their wines.

What is ethical wine?

Ethical Wines come from good and respectful farming in the vineyard, from the knowledge of tradition The genius of the art of winemaking.

Our winegrowers value touching the soil and living in symbiosis with their vineyard for the whole the year.


Please complete our questionnaire You can become a member without any sign up fees of endless marketing campaigns.

Lets talk yeasts

Within the wines we have chosen there will be no chemistry, no harmful additions just naturally occurring substances.

We feel selected yeasts, cultivated specifically for the producer from their cellars and Vineyards are perfectly acceptable.

Who are our Producers?

We have  chosen winemakers who are the owners in every case and who choose their land first above movements, groups and associations.

Most of these Producers make less than 40,000 Bottles per year so we are very privileged in some ways to have access to their wines.Our winegrowers fundamentally just make wine.

We have taken a selection the wines from the winery which most represents them and their territories and the variety itself.


This is our first selection of wineries. 

Many more are coming but consider this our first selection:


Next Steps

We promised our producers that we would ensure we know there their wines are going to clients who will appreciate the work and story behind them.
We hope you will be able to tell us much about your wine odyssey to date, this will also help us to pick the right wines for you.

Please provide us with your email and we will tell you more about us


    Ethical Wine Club Ltd (UK) and Club Vinéthique (FR) accept credit cards and bank transfers to our business accounts in Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

    We have been presenting the finest wines through our sister company Robertson Wine Tours to wine lovers and professionals for close to 20 years. 

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